The woven label is used in many different sectors for product promotion and advertising purposes.  Even though it is mostly used in the textile sector, it will certainly not be right to call it as textile label. By reason of woven labels, which are among the label types, are known to be used in many different industries. 

Woven labels are textile labels that contain  brand name, logo to identify the manufacturer and information for product identification. They can also contain more information, such as the size or origin of the item.  As it stays on the product, it is much more permanent compared to other types of labels. By using the latest digital, silicone and injection printing techniques, various types of labels such as cotton, jacquard, flat, satin can be produced.

Areas Where Woven Labels Used

Woven labels are needed not only for clothes, but also for various products such as towels, blankets, linens in the textile sector. The quality of the labels is as important as the product itself and increases the reputation of the brand.  

It would certainly not be wrong to say that these products obtained with the woven label machine have a widespread use in almost every field, especially textile. At this point, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of labels for the product and therefore the brand. 

Woven label sizes vary according to the areas of use.  The woven labels commonly used in clothing are produced to suit the area where they will be used in order to have a long-lasting use. 

Woven labels that are not considered to be of good quality or produced with the wrong design will discomfort the consumer during use. If customer feels such discomfort about the product purchased, he/she will not prefer it since customer does not find it functional even if he/she likes the product and this will cause him/her to disconnect from your brand indirectly. In summary, it would certainly not be wrong to state that woven label products are directly related to brand reputation.   

Woven label manufacturers offer a service that knows how important they are to brands. Woven labels can be produced in bulk quantities such as 1,000 or 10,000.

The maximum washing temperature for woven labels is usually 60°C.  Washing at a temperature above this is not recommended as it will cause the structure of the label to change and discolour. 

What are Woven Labels Useful for?

Woven labels have a very important role for your brand to be permanent and add an aesthetic touch to the product.  Woven labels are divided into classes as woven satin and taffeta according to production methods and quality grades.  The woven label can be treated as an invaluable promotional product for any company that trusts the quality of its product and values the prestige of its brand.  Since woven label is permanent and unlike many other accessories, the product stays with the product throughout its life and continues to promote the brand throughout its use.

The woven label, which contains information such as, model, size and washing instructions and is used for product promotion in almost all textile products, has a very important place in both product decoration and promotion of the clothing brand.  The quality and design of woven label is also very important in terms of bringing the quality of the product to the forefront.  Woven label models, which have different duties such as product quality to stand out, differentiating the brand, emphasizing it effectively and flawlessly, perform a great task on behalf of brand reputation and image. 

Woven Label Manufacturing 

Textile label manufacturing begins primarily with graphic design.  Graphic work, produced according to the customer's request for color, measurement and quality, is delivered digitally.  The sketch of the approved work, i.e. the sample that will be presented to the customer and approved, is prepared.  The preparation of samples at the request of the customer is considered as the second part of the production.  Woven labels can be decorated during manufacturing with applications such as polishing, lustring, embossing.  Woven labels can be made in requested color, size and shape.  Of course, all these processes can only be carried out with the efforts and diligence of professional staff.

The durability of products in the textile industry is very important.  Woven label products are among the products that have the most important place in terms of durability, since they can stay for a long time.

At this point, it will certainly not be wrong to state that woven labels are an indispensable part of the textile industry.  According to the production method and quality of the woven labels, there are categories of woven labels such as flat, jacquard, taffeta, cotton, satin with information such as product name, logo, product model, product size information, washing instructions.  Woven labels are also available in a variety of cutting styles, including edge folding, butterfly folding, hot and cold cutting and laser cutting.  The woven label can be ordered in bulk quantities such as 1,000 pcs.

The usage areas of woven labels, known as one of the most important label products where graphic design and craftsmanship combine with its production, are increasing day by day.  For this reason, it is possible to encounter this type of label in different sectors. 

Woven Label Pricing 

It can have a suitable design for your brand with its woven label printing method, which is remarkable because it is used in almost every sector.  There is a very important feature that distinguishes these products in other types of labels.  Other labels are eliminated during the use of the products, but woven labels continue to represent the brand, playing an active role throughout the life of the products.

Delete the price of woven labels, especially those producing in the textile sector, are wondored about.  At this point, it is not possible to give a single price for the prices of woven labels, and it is necessary to state that there are many factors that cause the prices to change.

The raw materials used when producing woven labels may differ from each other.  In addition, the workmanship, design or printing techniques used vary according to the customer’s request and this leads the prices of the woven labels being different from each other.  You can also benefit from the design of woven label service, so you have a woven label that will promote your brand during product usage. 

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