Plastic labels are among the label types that have gained great popularity in a short time. These labels, which allow usage in outdoor environments and are quite durable, are used in more and more sectors every day.

Polypropylene or thermoplastic polymer used chemically in the production of plastic labels ensures that they can be used in outdoor environments without any problems. Propylene monomer Polypropylene, obtained by polymerization, is extremely resistant to chemical solvents between acids and bases. Adhesive and plastic labels are types with a wide range of uses. They are preferred because they are somewhat more durable and reflect the visual design better than other label materials. It is produced within our company by using the latest techniques, and it is produced in the requested color, size and features.

Plastic Label Designs and Printing

The usage area of plastic label is increasing. Plastic labels, which you can use in any area, offer a long-lasting use, as well as having the model and design you want. While this increases the usage areas of plastic labels, the fact that the raw materials in it provide a strong grip and durability makes it possible to use it for many years in the area you want. These and such features have made plastic labels to be used more and more day.

Such labels play a very important role in the marketing of their products by brands, businesses, institutions, or organizations. With plastic labels showing the design features and descriptive details of the manufactured products, the product can be easily identified in case of loss. Therefore, at this point, it would not be wrong to state that the use of plastic labels is not only comfortable but also functional.

You can define the label you want during the design phase and to create a preliminary design by placing your company logo and other label information (including variable data, additional serial numbers and variable model numbers). After the designs you have made for plastic labels are completed, the production process will be started, and the production will be completed in accordance with the area you will use.

Plastic Label Thickness and Production

Plastic labels, which are produced in the desired label thickness, especially 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, 1 mm or 2 mm, are widely preferred due to their high quality and long-lasting use, and they are widely preferred in various industries. In addition to providing a comfortable use, plastic labels that make it possible for you to easily introduce the products you want, can have the design you want. In addition, plastic labels, known as stylish and durable product, are becoming a unique option for companies and brands that prefer models that stand out aesthetically in the use of labels. At this point, it would not be wrong to say that the use of plastic labels is increasing day by day.

What is Plastic Label?

Plastic labels, which are among the label types and provide many advantages with their use, draw attention because they offer a more durable feature against water, moisture, friction, heat, light and tearing than other label types. The plastic contained in these labels, which do not tear easily like paper labels, offers a much long-lasting and durable use. This durability and long-lasting use are due to the plastic content.

For this reason, it is possible to see that the use of plastic labels is quite common in automotive, white goods, chemistry, cosmetics, food, furniture, and glass sectors where better strength is required than coated paper. In addition, plastic labels are also divided into different types and models. Plastic labels, which are produced in opaque, matte, or glossy form, have different features according to their usage areas. It would not be wrong to state that plastic labels, which are used in almost every sector due to many factors, provide benefits with their usage.

In Which Areas Are Plastic Labels Used?

These types of labels are mostly used for industrial products. Plastic, which is generally produced with a guarantee period of at least 2 years, is mainly used in companies that produce batteries with different adhesive types, companies that produce white goods, companies that produce heaters, towel dryers, and automobile sub-industry.

The surface of plastic labels is printed with UV inks. The reason is that the most durable paint that provides adhesion to the plastic surface is UV paint. In addition, plastic labels are produced as barcode labels. Plastic labels are produced by using a hot stamping method with resin ribbon in barcode machines. Additional serial numbers or product specifications are printed. During the production of plastic labels, the products go through different chemical tests by dipping and removing methods, so that no problems occur during their usage.

It is important to provide the highest quality engraving precision and original design solutions in plastic label production. Plastic labels are frequently used for various purposes in electronic equipment, machine control panels, workplace safety signs and labels, furniture, and industry. Some types among the plastic label models are also called PVC or lexan stickers.

Can the Plastic Label Be Used Outdoors in Bad Weather Conditions?

By using the plastic label printing service, you can have labels that you can easily use in outdoor environments. Plastic labels, which are widely used due to many factors, offer a durable use against bad weather conditions owing to the durable raw materials used during production.

It is possible to inform about the products with the use of labels. However, paper- based labels do not adapt to outdoor and bad weather conditions. In such cases, many problems may occur with their use, and so the labels do not offer an efficient usage.

Plastic labels are resistant to bad weather conditions, humidity, and heat. You can add value and reputation to your brand by using plastic labels that attract attention with their many different features.