Many needs can be met with adhesive labels.  Due to the adhesive function, labels that can be applied practically by hand are widely used in almost every industry. Stickers often used in workshops, offices, factories and homes provide great convenience.  These products, which you can evaluate for various purposes such as advertising, promotion, organiser, information, warning, are produced in different sizes, shapes and colours and presented to users. According to the requests and needs of the users, there are many different types of labels produced with different purposes.

Adhesive Label Usage Area

Sticky labels are preferred in many different areas, especially sales retention and advertising.  Information such as address, phone number, name can be written on a sticky nameplate.  Boxes and packaging are also the most heavily labelled products. Information about their contents is indicated on the labels attached to them.  The ingredients and expiration dates of foods​​can be seen practically with the help of labels.  You can also choose self-adhesive labels to organize many places in your home or workplace.  Stickers are used in many areas such as offices, schools, hospitals and boxes and packages to receive information and to give information.  

Types of Adhesive Labels

There are many different types of adhesive labels.  The list of these types,

  •  Barcode labels 
  •  Baby candy labels 
  •  Transparent labels 
  •  Dashboard labels 
  •  Color labels 
  •  Clothing labels 
  •  Metal labels 
  •  Roll labels 
  •  Kraft labels 
  •  Invitation gift stickers 
  •  Black and white labels 
  •  Woven labels.

Stickers that you can buy as rolls or sheets can have the design you want owing to its adhesive label printing. Stickers often used by students are both eye-catching and quite useful, especially with their colors and attractiveness. Stickers are available in different shapes and sizes.  Square, rectangular, round, and other different stickers attract many people and make their work easier. 

Custom-designed Self-Adhesive Labels

The fact that labels may have the design you want allows them to be used in various fields. You can choose specially designed labels to make your beautiful moments like engagement, invitation, wedding, birth even more special. So, you can make your gifts much more valuable. 

A variety of tailor-made labels are offered in various sizes and shapes. Square, round and rectangular labels are produced in different ways and they offer pleasant and functional use. Stickers, which are often used in party concepts and organizations like baby shower, are produced completely according to your request and thus offer a special use for you. 

The use of stickers has been common for many years.  Although the stickers used in many different fields and categories were originally intended only to provide information, it would not be wrong to say that they have started to be used for many different purposes today.  The advanced printing technologies and the use of the latest technology equipment during the production of stickers make it possible to have label products with the design and model you want.  

What Is A Sticky Label? 

Self-adhesive labels are often used for publishing, information and advertising purposes. No extra effort or use of machinery is required to attach labels to the desired surface.  The stickers are manufactured to contain a surface material, an

adhesive layer and a protective film.

The factors to be taken into consideration when purchasing adhesive labels allow you to use the products functionally for a much longer time. Stickers, which can be used for a long time without tearing and wear, have durable properties.  In addition, some labels are easier to remove, while others last longer. 

How To Make Adhesive Label Printing?

Sticker label printing allows you to have labels that you can practically use in the office or for any purpose.  For this purpose, white or transparent labels are usually used.  Multi-purpose office sticker templates give users the option to print desired templates using a printer.  With stickers made from high quality materials, the applications give a clear overview. With an inky or laser label printer, you can quickly get the results you want. You can configure print settings from office programs.

Adhesive labels are easily bonded to many surfaces and no external adhesive is needed. 

Quality Adhesive Label 

You can use the products by taking off the protective layer on the back of the sticker. The use of self-adhesive labels, which are readily available for use without any effort, provides numerous advantages.  Paper with more than one label has lines to mark the edges.  You can separate the stickers from these parts and paste them onto the surface you want. 

Double-sided stickers can have any design you want.  Labels can be printed on all laser printers and can be used on inkjet printers and copiers.  Most of the products are used in digital printing.  But if you want to buy labels for offset printing systems, you should know that there are many products in it.