The washing instruction label is one of the label types that every person encounters many times in his life and is included in all textile products. Washing instruction labels, which are used in many areas, are a good choice for labeling clothing products and for promoting the brand of many companies. It is not correct to think that these labels are only for advertising purposes. In addition, labels are also widely used as washing instructions. Attaching a washing instruction label to the inside of the products is important for the active and proper use of the products.

This washing instruction label placed on the products contains some symbols. These instructions, which are frequently encountered especially for textile products, provide users with necessary and detailed information on how to wash the products in the best way without wearing out.

Washing instruction labels can be produced in many different designs. The instructions on the labels ensure that the products can be used efficiently for many years. Therefore, these labels are very important as they enable users to get maximum performance from the products.

Despite this, many users want to get rid of these labels that physically disturb their skin and cut the labels. However, it is not recommended because forgetting what is written on the label may cause the product to be cleaned incorrectly.

How to Produce a Washing Instruction Label?

There are dry cleaning symbols inside the washing instruction label. These icons let you know if your product can be dry cleaned. Especially when washing delicate clothes, it is important to wash according to this washing instructions so that the products can be used more efficiently. If delicate clothes are not washed at the required temperature, it causes them to deteriorate and change their size.

The most delicate laundry should not be washed at high temperatures. A numbered digit or cross may appear on the labels. In a program with cold water washing, sensitive products will last longer and thus it will be possible to use them for many years without any problems.

Care instructions labels contain information not only about washing, but also about ironing, cleaning, and the material from which the product is made. If applied incorrectly, chemical events such as shrinkage, burning and even discoloration may occur in clothes. Furthermore, the information on the labels allows you to have information about the raw materials used during production.

As a result, it would be much more logical to take the information on these labels seriously when washing and ironing a machine-washable product.

The washing instruction label also informs you about the country in which the product you purchased was produced. At this point, it should be stated that in order to understand the labels, which provide many advantages with their use and enable you to use your products for many years with the most general definition, you must first know the symbols on them.

Care labels are labels containing brand name, brand logo, usage information and manufacturer’s identity. They may also contain more information, such as the item's size or origin. Since it stays on the product, it is much more permanent than other types of labels. Many different types of labels such as cotton, jacquard, plain, satin can be produced by using the latest technology-silicone and injection printing techniques .

Symbols and Their Meanings on Wash Instruction Labels

There are different symbols on the washing instruction label. These;

Degree symbols: Symbols give information about the washing temperature you see during washing. If you do not comply with this information, the areas where you can use the product will be narrowed. Numbers such as 30, 50, 60, 70, 80, 95 indicate that the products can be washed in the washing machine at these temperatures. 

Bleaching Symbols: Bleaching symbols show what kind of reaction the use of bleaching products will cause when cleaning products. While there is a symbol on the labels of some products indicating that bleach can be used, it is indicated that it should not be used in some products. It is important to pay attention to such factors in order to avoid any staining on the products. 

Ironing Symbols: When everyone buys a new item of clothing, they want to wear it in its best form for many years. However, you should know that if you do not pay attention to the information on the washing instruction label, it will not be possible to use the product you purchased for many years.
The iron symbol on the instruction label means it can be ironed at any steam level or temperature. Other symbols provide information about the temperature at which the product can be ironed. In addition, if a product needs to be worn without ironing, this information will also be presented to the user on the label. 

Drying Symbols: The drying symbol on the label indicates that wringing is not allowed. In addition, information about the temperature at which the product should be made, if suitable for drying in the dryer, is also included in this part of the label. Some products are not suitable for the dryer, this information is also included in the instruction. 

Dry Cleaning Symbols: The box cleaning symbol in the washing instructions means dry cleaning only. In addition, it can be cleaned by chemical method or only oil- based in chemical cleaning. Solvents can also be used among this information.

In addition, the necessary information about products suitable for dry cleaning is also provided on the washing instruction label.

Why Are Wash Instruction Labels Important?

If you follow all the instructions, you can easily care for different types of fabrics. When you buy a new product, it is only possible to keep the product as you wish, by following the washing instructions attached to the product.

Washing instruction label types are specially produced to be placed on products of different fabrics and sizes. These labels, which give information about how the products should be used, are important because they will leave a mark on your customers. At this point, it should be noted that there are many factors to be considered while designing the washing instructions in almost all textile products.

Considerations for The Design of Washing Instruction Label 

If you want to take advantage of the washing instructions label, you should make sure that the labels are durable and provide real information about the products. If these labels, which will keep you in the minds of your customers, do not contain correct information about the product, this may cause a decrease in the reputation of your brand.

Washing instruction label types are a production that must be carried out professionally by going through meticulous processes. In this way, the labels that can stay on the clothes for many years will continue to promote your brand as long as it is used.