The washing instruction label is one of the label types that every person encounters many times in his life and is included in all textile products. Washing instruction labels, which are used in many areas, are a good choice for labeling clothing products and for promoting the brand of many companies. It is not correct to think that these labels are only for advertising purposes. In addition, labels are also widely used as washing instructions. Attaching a washing instruction label to the inside of the products is important for the active and proper use of the products.

This washing instruction label placed on the products contains some symbols. These instructions, which are frequently encountered especially for textile products, provide users with necessary and detailed information on how to wash the products in the best way without wearing out.

Washing instruction labels can be produced in many different designs. The instructions on the labels ensure that the products can be used efficiently for many years. Therefore, these labels are very important as they enable users to get maximum performance from the products.

Despite this, many users want to get rid of these labels that physically disturb their skin and cut the labels. However, it is not recommended because forgetting what is written on the label may cause the product to be cleaned incorrectly.

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