Cardboard bag models are widely used because they offer a wide range of usage. Cardboard bags, which are widely used and provide many advantages with its use, are also preferred because they offer an aesthetic appearance. 

Cardboard Bag Manufacturing

Cardboard bags are produced as a special design according to the sector used.  Cardboard bags should be considered as an outdoor advertising tool and models should be prepared accordingly.  When advertising immediately noticeable products, a short, clear and clear design should be used.  The dimensions of the cardboard bag should be selected according to the product to be used, the weight of the product to be put in the bag should be calculated and the product should be selected accordingly.  The type and shape of the handles of the cardboard bag must be correctly determined according to the carrying capacity of the bag. 

Types of Carton Bags

Cardboard bags are classified according to their size.  Although there are general measures, special cardboard bags can be made in different sizes. As the dimensions of the cardboard bag can change, the designs of the bags can vary depending on the area they are used. 

During the manufacture of cardboard bags, it is classified according to the type of paper as follows: 

  • American bristol cardboard
  • Kraft carboard
  • Cardboard with lid 
  • Chromo cardboard
  • Coated cardboard 

Cardboard Bags That Protect Nature

Although these standards are observed during the production of cardboard bags, the design can be changed as requested. The fact that a brand uses cardboard bags and packaging products to package its products shows that it values nature and this directly increases the brand’s reputation.  So, it would not be wrong to state that the use of cardboard bags has many advantages.

Due to the fact that cardboard bag design takes place in many different ways, brands can do the way they want to advertise.  These bags, which are stored for many years, will continue to promote your brand for as long as they are used.  Thanks to cardboard bag decoration, you can produce a cardboard bag suitable for your productions and brand and thus make it possible to promote your brand for many years.

We produce customized boxes in the color and design you want. You can specify the design and dimensions of your box as requested.  From cardboard boxes to cardboard bags, we produce stylish and high-quality boxes for you.

Where Are Cardboard Bags Used?

Cardboard bags are used in various areas for many purposes.  Cardboard bags, which have a wide range of uses, are used not only for environmental benefit, but also for promotional purposes. 

One of the areas of use of cardboard bags is the packaging of dry foods such as coffee or tea.  Cardboard bag printing products specially designed for coffee producing companies offer an ideal solution.  Paper bag products bring freshness as well as their own labeled paper bag products used for promotional purposes give freshness to consumers. 

There are many restaurants and cafés that serve take-away.  Thus, it offers its products such as sandwiches or cookies with cardboard packaging.  A more aesthetic and healthy packaging is possible in this way. 

Another of the biggest uses of paper bags is salt, flour and spices.  Such products continue to retain their freshness for much longer if they are packaged with paper or cardboard packaging.  In this way, the products do not lose their freshness and preserve their taste. 

Advantages of Using A Cardboard Bag

In recent years, many companies prefer cardboard bags to offer their production.  One of the main reasons for this is the use of cardboard bags for advertising purposes.  With special design cardboard bag printing products, companies can add their own brands to their bags. 

In addition, paper bags offer ecological compatibility.  They are recyclable and biodegradable products. Because paper bags are biodegradable, they don't go to landfill and are eco-friendly.

In addition, cardboard bags can be produced in different sizes.  Cardboard bags, which can be designed in the desired sizes, are very attractive for branded products. It is an advertising and promotional tool with a wide range of designs made in various sizes, made of thick cardboard for carrying.

Cardboard bags, which are usually vertical or horizontal as preferred by companies, can also be made in different ways if requested. Cardboard bags which are often used in sectors  such as jewelry, souvenirs, clothing, cosmetics, watches, trade fairs and advertising, are among the promotional tools of companies since they contain company information.

Types of Cardboard Used in Cardboard Bags

American Bristol.

The most popular cardboard used by companies for cardboard bags is American bristol. It is a type of cardboard with one side matte and the other side bright.  It is also preferred by printers due to its hard and white frontal and posterior surfaces.

Recycled kraft paper;  

It is a type of gray cardboard that is recyclable and cheap. 

Glossy cardboard; 

It is a type of cardboard that is divided into two types-matte and glossy.

Chromo cardboard; 

This is the cheapest type of cardboard. The price is very low because the print surface is white and the interior is gray.  Widely used by prestigious companies,

Cardboard bags give the company the opportunity to advertise for free. It is also known that cardboard bags are stored for longer than plastic bags.  Cardboard bags that have been stored for years are used repeatedly for souvenirs over time. 

Using eco-friendly reusable paper bags made of waste paper instead of garbage bags is very beneficial for environmental cleaning. The company logo and sales products are placed in the cardboard bags.  The paper used in cardboard bags varies from bag to bag.  The fact that the resulting paper bag is made of thick paper improves the quality of the bag.  American bristol papers are well suited to manufacture paper bags and the weight of a bag made with this paper is approximately 230 grams.

Nylon bags are not interested in shopping stores.  Large brands often use cardboard bags in their stores, so they give their customers an image that stands out from other companies in the market.  Cardboard bags have certain standards.  Although they vary in size, they are governed by certain standards and the type of paper used can vary with the size.