Cardboard label, also known as card label, is a type of label that is made of coated and thermal cardboard in different weights and does not have any adhesive feature. Cardboard labels are mostly used as shelf labels and price tags in textile products. It has widespread use as it is much long-lasting than paper labels. If you request, it can be printed on with barcode printers. Alternatively, it can be covered with cellophane, which makes the surface of the label smooth and shiny. It is possible to see cardboard labels, produced in two different ways as coated cardboard labels and thermal cardboard labels, in almost every sector. Coated cardboard labels could be printed with barcode printer ribbons, thermal cardboard labels can be printed without ribbon.

Cardboard labels can be used as visitor and attendance cards in fairs and organizations and as parking tickets in parking lots, so it should be noted that it is possible to see this type of label in many sectors. These products, which can also be used in shopping stores, are designed with cardboard label cord.

Carton Label Features

Cardboard labels are produced as coated cardboard and thermal cardboard. So, they meet different requests and needs.

  • Since it is not resistant to moisture, liquid, heat or light, it is much more suitable for use in dry environments.
  • It has a slightly thicker texture than normal labels.
  • They can be produced in two different ways, glossy and matte.
  • Coated cardboard label is suitable for printing.
  • Thermal cardboard labels are usually produced without tape and printing.
  • Cardboard labels can be covered with cellophane for longer use.

Brand and price card tags are normally used in the textile industry to distinguish between garments and to provide the customer with information about each product and brand visibility. We have a good and wide variety of materials, colours, printing techniques and coatings to create and customize labels with a high quality.

Are Cardboard Labels Useful?

The use of labels has become popular day by day with its widespread use for many different products and various sectors. The first impression with a product is only possible through labels. It would not be wrong to state that there is more than one type of labels that provide many advantages with their usage.

The cardboard label can be used for many different purposes. At this point, many people wonder whether card or cardboard labels, which are widely used, are useful or not.

Cardboard labels are preferred because they last longer than traditional paper- based labels. If requested, it is covered with cellophane, which provides a smoother and brighter surface, providing a wider area of usage. Coated cardboard label, which you can use to strengthen your product image and convey information to consumers, is a label with a wide range of prints that can be used to attach codes, prices and instructions. Coated cardboard labels are a type of label that is heavier than self-adhesive labels. Cardboard labels can provide the best resistance to heat, humidity, liquid and other negative external factors.

Cardboard Label Usage Areas

Cardboard labels are one of the most widely used label types today. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the usage areas are quite wide. Cardboard labels are generally used as shelf labels where product information and price are written on market shelves.

  • It can be used to promote and inform the products sold.
  • It can be used by textile companies as a brand advertisement and price tag, or to communicate with the customer about the product.
  • It can be used as an event ticket in collective organizations such as theater, match, cinema, concert. 
  • It can be used as a parking ticket to identify vehicles in car parks. 
  • It can be used as a visitor and participation card in fairs and organizations. 
  • Cardboard labels, on which logos or symbols of company brands can be printed on the front and back, can be used for advertising purposes.

Therefore, it is possible to perform many functions together with the use of cardboard labels. Cardboard label products, which have a widespread use, are widely preferred in many different sectors due to their long-lasting use.

Cardboard Label Prices

Many people, who want to buy cardboard labels, are primarily curious about the prices of these products. If you want to choose a cardboard label due to its widespread use and the advantages it offers during its use, you should know that prices are variable. In addition, cardboard label products, among the most suitable label products, are sold at different prices according to product features and types.

Cardboard labels are label models that stands out with their affordable and economical prices. Although it is economical, it offers a long-lasting use and provides many advantages with its use.

Coated cardboard labels, which stand out among many label types with their quality, wide usage area and low price, are the most popular labels of today.

These products, which attract attention with their wide usage areas, can be designed to suit your demands. Cardboard label models, in which you are completely free to design, should increase the image of your brand and give messages about you. At this point, it should be stated that the use of labels directly affects the image of a brand. If the cardboard label designs you use for your brand are impressive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, then the sympathy and love of your potential customers for you will increase, and you will be chosen as an option.

However, if you are not enough about labels and you think that the labels of your products do not reflect your brand, then you may experience financial loss. In addition, due to the variable size of the cardboard label, it can even be used as tickets at concerts or to identify vehicles in parking lots. You can present a quality image to your customers with cardboard label designs that will increase the reputation of your business.